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A drop-in universal solution for moving text fields out of the way of the keyboard in iOS
source : here


A simple grid view / dashboard component for iOS
source : here

A handy class that prompts users of your iPhone or Mac App Store app to rate your application after using it for a while. Similar to Appirater, but with a simpler, cleaner interface and automatic support for iOS fast application switching.
source : here

A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS app.
source : here

Sample project using the ASIHTTPRequest to load the public Flickr RSS feed, and then load the images in a UITableView in asynchronous fashion.
source : here

A drop-in inline browser for your iOS app.
source : here

sc listener
A simple class for listening to microphone levels, suitable for the iPhone
source : here

A simple iPhone forms library
source : here

Cocoa web resource
A file transfer solution for iPhone and iPod Touch. Support uploading, download and delete files via browser.
Source : here

A library to download and cache images automatically
Source : here

A UIButton subclass that mimic the "BUY NOW" button on the iOS App Store
Source : here

A great looking UIAlertView with an UITableView inside.
source : here

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KTPhotoBrowser is a lightweight photo browser library for the iPhone and iPod touch that looks and behaves like the iPhone Photos app.

Source : here

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UITableViewCell subclass that adds a "badgeString" property to table view cells. This badge draws in an identical manner to the badges present in MobileMail.app. The class supports custom badge colours for both normal and highlighted states

source : here
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MGSplitViewController is a replacement for UISplitViewController, with various useful enhancements.
source : here
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