Installing IOS SDK 4.1 on Xcode 3.2.5

I've read through a lot of posts and couldn't really figure out the answer to this question. So I apologize if I duplicating it here.

I have installed xcode 3.2.5 to my machine and it comes with SDK 4.2. My iPhone is on 4.1 and I am not planning to move it to 4.2 just yet. Problem is that I can't use this phone for testing. Since the only SDK that I have installed is 4.2, when I try to run debug with my iPhone, I get this message:

Can't install application

The info.plist for application at /blabla/app.app specifies a minimum OS of 4.2, which is too high to be installed on this device.

So, I got to Targets -> Get Info and I see that it is indeed targeting 4.2 (but that is the only option available - since I don't have the other SDK's installed).

So, the question is: how to I keep xcode 3.2.5, but install SDK 4.1 in addition to 4.2?

Answer :

It took a while to figure this out.
I couldn't see 'iOS Deployment Target' on the info.plist either. Here's what I did.

a) Project -> Edit Project Settings
b) go to 'deployment' section
c) Change

'Targeted Device Family' = iPhone/iPad
'iOS Deployment Target = 'iOS 4.1'

source : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4341667/installing-ios-sdk-4-1-on-xcode-3-2-5

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